5 Cute Dog Breeds Extinct


Dogs are one of the most intelligent and lovable animals on earth, Not only smart but dogs are also loyal to their owners. No wonder dogs are one of the best pets to have by humans. There are thousands of breeds, starting from homey dog’s breed to dangerous dogs that are can’t be petted. Even though dogs are great pets to have, unfortunately not all dogs have proper home and master. This brings several dog breeds extinct in the world.

A lot of dogs has been thrown away and even tortured not only by human but also other animals. Even some dogs have to fight with each other for gambling games. Despite their fierceness, dogs are playful and loveable. These kinds of dogs are surprisingly also starting to vanish. Not a dangerous one, here are some cute dog breeds extinct:

 1. Toy Trawler Spaniel

Trawler Spaniel may look similar to the Sussex Spaniel breed, but uniquely they are different. In the past, Toy Trawler was famous in the UK until the 1900s. They were famous because of their great intelligence and cuteness. At first, they were sporting dogs, but then became show dogs and toys for their master. People do not really know why they extinct, and the cause was not found. However, a specimen is now available and pet by the Natural History in Tring. 

2. Russian Retriever 

Russian Retrievers has a remarkable intelligent, they were usually to protect people and chase off threating objects. Their size is big and wide, but they can really fast. No one knows the truth of the cause of why the dog extinct. However, many people say that they were killed by their threats and slowly vanished. The last time they are found in the late 1800s. 

3. Hare Indian Dogs

Indian Dogs are hunting dogs, that are playful and kind dogs. Their acts are like cats, rubbing their back to humans. Therefore, they are very friendly to humans and even strangers. Unlike other dog breeds extinct, before becoming extinct people interbreed them with 19th-century dogs. Although, the original breed of Hare Indian Dogs itself has been extinct in the late 1800s as well.

4. English Water Spaniel 

The cute dog breed has last seen in the 20th century. English Water Spaniel is known for its waterfowl and duck’s hunter. The dog became very popular because of Shakespeare. He even mentioned the dog in one of his work. However, slowly the popularity of the English water spaniel faded away by the coming of other dogs. 

5. Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi

The next list of dog breeds extinct comes from the Queen of England’s favorite. The Britain’s Kennel Club say, there are only now 241 dogs. Some people say that this is because the British’s new laws that prohibit tail dockings. So the popularity and population of this breeds keeps declining.

 The reason behind dog breeds extinct in the past is quite difficult to discover. However, for the nearly extinct breeds, we should take care and put more attention to them. Especially for dogs that are harmless and friendly. There is no reason to let dogs drain on to extinct.  

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