5 Ways In How To Fix 100 Disk Usage Windows 10


If your laptop is running slow, it could be that your drive system is running at 100%. Of course, this problem is very disturbing because your laptop’s performance is not optimal. Therefore, you must find out how to fix 100 disk usage windows 10.

You can do several ways so that your laptop’s performance is running optimally. Furthermore, you can try this so that disk usage problems 100% no longer appear. The following are 5 ways in how to fix 100 disk usage Windows 10:

1. Check Your Hard Disk

Causes of disk usage often 100% can also be caused due to hard disk problems. The most common is the bad sector on your hard disk. When the hard disk has bad sectors, the hard disk will experience a significant decrease in performance even up to 80%.

This, of course, will make Windows performance slow. Moreover, this can also make the applications piling up while loading. Well, please check your hard disk using HDTune. If there are bad sectors, like it or not you have to replace the hard drive with a new one.

2. Turn Off Window Search

Possible problems that occur next are Windows Search. There is a bug from Windows 10 and Windows 8 called “search loop” which increases the load on the system drive.

To stop just for a moment until Windows reboots, open the Command Prompt (Admin). Then, you can type the command: net.exe stop “Windows search”. In the Service window, find and open Windows Search so that Windows Search Properties will open.

Under Startup type, select Disabled. Here you can also click Stop to stop the service. Click Ok to save the settings. After a few moments of shutting down Windows Search, the performance of Windows 10 will be better.

3. Scan Using Antivirus

Viruses are one of the most common causes of disk usage, which is always 100%. This virus usually works silently in the background and makes the computer work hard when you don’t open anything.

Please use Windows defender, and then do the scanning. This method is the easiest way to fix your 100 disk usage. Maybe this method requires a rather long time but you have to wait patiently.

4. Startup Optimization

When Windows is turned on, automatically the system will read the applications that are running at startup. This disk usage problem can arise when your hard disk is slow, but there are too many applications running at startup.

So, the fourth way you can try is to optimize the startup on your computer. You can open the Task Manager and enter the Startup Tab. Furthermore, you can click Disable for applications that you don’t need.

5. Turn Off The Windows Update Function

By default, Windows updates will always turn on Windows 10. Now, some sources say that Windows updates in some situations can make storage run harder.

If the source turns out not to be from a Windows update, it’s better to turn on the Windows update. The goal is that your Windows 10 can always be maintained performance with the latest updates from Microsoft.

Those are 5 methods you can try on how to fix 100 disk usage windows 10. You can try these methods to maximize Disk performance on your Windows 10. But basically, if your Windows 10 is clean, the Disk usage 100% problem should never appear.

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