5 Best Beaches For Couple Getaway All Over The World


Blue sea and white sand are very beautiful things to hear. Especially if you go to the beach accompanied by a partner you love. So, you can start to add your beach references by reading about the best beaches for couple getaway.

By reading many references about the beach you want to visit, you will get a beach that fits your criteria. You will also please your partner so that your vacation is very memorable. The following is a list of the best beaches for couple getaway you must visit:

Best Beaches For Couple Getaway

1. Reethi Beach

The Maldives is the best place for any couple to spend their honeymoon. Not just peace and tranquility, this beach has all the things that couples want to spend time together. You and your partner can enjoy the beauty of the sea with white sand and clear water.

You can also enjoy the exotic underwater beauty here. Furthermore, you will easily find hotels or resorts that make you more comfortable. You and your partner will have an unforgettable experience here.

2. Anse Source D’Argent Beach

The island nation of Seychelles in Africa has a unique La Digue Island. There is a beach full of granite; giant turtles to vanilla trees that can make you curious to visit this place. This beach is very famous and is often a shooting location.

Moreover, this beach has tranquil water, soft white sand, and the granite stones are huge. It will not be difficult to find lodging and restaurants here. In addition, you will easily communicate with residents because they are proficient in English and French.

3. La Cuvette Beach

The place you must visit in northern Mauritius is Grand Bay. This place will give you and your partner a beautiful beach and sea views. You and your partner will feel the experience of being on a beach that is very beautiful but calm and peaceful.

This beach is indeed famous for its calm and beauty. Therefore, this beach is a paradise and one of the best beaches for couple getaway. In addition, this beach has a perfect stream to enjoy sailing and yachting.

4. Pink Sands Beach

This beach is famous as one of the prettiest beaches in the Bahamas. This beach has a length of more than 4 km and a width of 15 – 30 meters. Besides its beauty, the most interesting thing about this beach is its soft, clean and pink sand.

This soft sand comes from a mixture of coral, shellfish fragments, and calcium from plankton that live on this beach. Meanwhile, the pink color comes from the shell of a small marine animal known as Foraminifera.

5. Radhanagar Beach

This beach has clean white sand, clear seawater and light waves. This can make you and your partner can swim freely. Radhanagar Beach is also the best place for sunset hunters. Furthermore, you will also see a lot of crabs on the beach.

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sea while enjoying seafood in a beachside restaurant. With all the beauty it has, it’s no wonder that this beach has been named as one of the best beaches in Asia.

Vacation with a partner is a very pleasant thing. Especially if you visit a beach that has a beautiful and romantic view. Therefore, try visiting one of the best beaches for couple getaway to make your vacation memorable.

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