Best Sites for Scuba Diving in Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic offers you various holiday experiences, starts from the scenery, culinary, until water activity. Scuba diving in Dominican Republic is a must-try thing when you are there. It is safe even you are a beginner. There are many providers that offer you the boat and equipment. No need to worry about safety, having dive here is trouble-free and easy.

Actually, visiting the Dominican Republic is good all year round. But if you want to scuba diving in Dominican Republic, we recommend coming there from December to May because it is summer. It is still great to be there from June to November too. It is just during that period is a rainy day. Finally, it depends on your convenience, whether you want to feel the crowd or having dive in private. See the sites below so you can decide the right time:

1.      Cayo Reef, Paradise Island

The most popular site is Cayo Reef in Paradise Island. It is a beautiful site where mangroves and mountains with various vegetation. Thus, there is no wonder when people put Paradise Island as their first destination. Even though many people visit this site, you can still feel the natural sensation here. This what makes Cayo Reef is unique.

2.      Penon Reef, Saona Island

Not many people know this site. Note that Penon Reef in Saona Island is included in your list. It has superb coral and a variety of sea life. For example, scorpionfish, glowing calamari, stingrays, and other species. Once you visit Penon Reef, we assure you that you want to come back again and again. Being in Saoina Island along the day is also great. Make one special day for only visiting Saona Island.

3.      Airport Wall, Sosua

If you are an adventure diver, then don’t miss visit Airport Wall in Sosua. Feel the sensation of vertical façade into the depths. You will get a diving experience like no other. The depth is approximately 35 meters, so you will also feel relax and exhilarate. Something that you cannot find in the other sites is when you swim through caverns and tunnels. Sometimes eagle rays and reef sharks are hiding there.

4.      The Aquarium, Catalina Island

It is placed in one of the national parks. You can find this site after passing 8 kilometers off the southern coast. We can say that The Aquarium in Catalina Island is the real aquarium, especially for Caribbean species. In the depth of 40 feet, you can see pufferfish, yellow trumpet fish, and angelfish. You only spend one day to be there from La Romana Marina.

5.      Atlantic Princess, Bayahibe

Diving is not only about living creatures. Some divers love to see wrecks inside the sea. Then, Atlantic Princess in Bayahibe is a must visited site. No matter you are the beginner or professional, this site is friendly for all diver’s level. It is easy to get there, you only need 10 minutes from Punta Cana with a boat ride.

Scuba diving in Dominican Republic is safe for the beginner. If you just get your certificate, then make this site as your first exploration. You must be very exciting and motivated for a higher level. And if you are the professional already, this site is great to enrich your experience.

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