Some Endangered Animal You Should Know


Endangered animals are animals that are close to extinct in the future years. Animals can extinct due to the loss of habitat and the loss of genetic variation. The cause of these two reasons is usually nature and humans hand. These past few years, many habitats were a loss because humans kept on developing housing and industry. This activity destroyed the animal’s habitat, causing no place for living. Therefore, nowadays there are many endangered animal you should know. And if possible, help saves them so they don’t extinct.

People may not be able to save endangered animals directly. But the least humans can do is take care of their nature and not kill animals. And if possible ensure the regeneration of the animals if possible. Below are some of the endangered animal you should know that are also rare to find:

1. Amur Leopard

Amur leopard has been a rare animal since 1996. It is categorized as an endangered animal since there are less than 70 individuals that are still alive until today. They have very beautiful fur, which makes people want to hunt them down. In the far east of Russian, the habitat of Amur Leopard is now very rare. Most of the habitats in Russia are destroyed by a human for agriculture needs.

2. Gorillas

Two out five species of gorillas are classified as endangered animals since 1996 until now. The cross river and mountain gorillas are the rarest gorillas in the world. Until 2016, there are only 200 mountain gorillas found, based on a research. As for the river gorillas, there are about 900 individuals still in Africa. Many gorillas died due to poaching and civil war by human hand.. To protect these gorillas, they are now in the supervision of National parks in Africa.

3. Sea Turtles

Out of all sea turtles, the Hawksbill and Leatherback turtle is becoming near to extinct. These past years, the Hawksbill has lost its habitat up 90%. In the past 10 years, 80% of them were loss and destroyed.  Therefore, seeing Hawksbill turtle in the sea might be hard even impossible at some times.

4. Orangutan

An endangered animal you should know is an orangutan. Humans and orangutans are genetically 90% the same, therefore their acts are just like humans. Therefore, they are a friend of humans these days. Unfortunately, orangutan has been losing their habitat due to mass deforestation. And this tragedy keeps happening until today, where the population is now only 6,600.

5. Sumatran Elephants

The victim of deforestation is Sumatran Elephants that remains only 2000 individuals. Due to palm oil and business needs, many habitats had to be destroyed and ruined. The last few elephants alive are living and taken care in zoos around the world. This is a way to make sure that they do not extinct.

There are still many endangered animal you should know, that may extinct. The easiest way for humans to help is by making sure their habit is safe. Do not kill and use materials from the animal’s skin. Because this means that you are a part of their extinct.

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