The Best Games for 8 Years Old That Parent Should Know


In modern life, technology has been developed at a high level. When we think that technology just useful for adult people we are wrong. Many people, both children, and adults like to use technology such as smartphones and computers. But, technology not always gives us benefit we must be careful to use the technology especially for 8 years old children. Sometimes, children like to play games. What we should do is determining the games for 8 years old. Therefore, the 8 years old children will save and play the game that suitable for them.

So, if you are one of the mom in this world that worry about choosing games for 8 years old, now you don’t need to be a worry again. In this chance, we will show you bravely about the games that is suitable for 8 years old and fun games for them.

1. Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 4

The sweet baby girl daycare is a game suitable for your daughter. This game is about baby daycare. The player should carry all of the needs of the baby such as make the baby’s food, give milk to the baby, and many others. When the baby cries the player needs to give them milk or food to make it stop. It is like the real baby daycare. This game can be the games for 8 years old because they will learn how to carry a baby like a mother.

2. LEGO City My City

The word LEGO may sounds familiar to us. The LEGO city my city is also the game that supported by LEGO games for kids. The LEGO game is a strategy game. The player needs to build and determine the strategy of the city. The children will like to play this game because they can build their own city based on their wants. The parent should be worry if the children play the LEGO game. Cause this game will treat them to arrange and repair something.

3. Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

This game is one of the games for 8 years old as a learning media for children. The Pet Bingo game can treat the children about math, colors, and many others. The 8 years old children will play this game and learn unconsciously. Not only useful for our children, but the Pet Bingo game also has a unique and colorful background. Children will not be bored and interested in playing this game.

Therefore, the parent should not worry about the Pet Bingo game. Cause this game is very suitable for the 8 years old children made by Stanford University Educator. How great this game. Interest to play and also useful for our children.

Those are the games for 8 years old. There are so many games that also suitable for 8 years old children. But, as a parent, we must be careful to choose what is a good thing or a bad thing for our children. Even though the game is suitable and gives benefit to our children, we must not allow them to play games or smartphones along the day. We need to make a schedule.

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