5 Memorable Green Cities in The US To Visit

green cities in the US

It is so ordinary to visit the US and shopping or sightseeing. Imagine if you can find a green zone in the middle of the most crowded country. Isn’t it interesting? Surprisingly, the US still has this area. When you are there, don’t forget to go to these green cities in the US. For local people, the cities are usually the place to spend on holiday or at the weekend. You can feel like them too. Be prepare yourself for its amazing scenery.

Knowing the US is a developed country, finding a green city is something rare. The green cities in the US below are safe for bike riding, pedestrian, having good public transportation, and spaces to get fresh air. Indeed, the technology transformation limits the green open-space like this. Many areas are changed into buildings, so people are missing the place to relax. Now plan your holiday to visit these cities, at least one of them:

1. San Francisco

You still can find a view of people lying on the grass in this city. People are still able to bring a mat, a picnic basket filled with snacks, and sit seeing the blue sky. The local government has good green initiatives. Not only the open-space, but you can also find the world’s greenest museum, living rainforest and coral reef ecosystem, and a hiking trail with city view and East Bay. It is lovely to enjoy the scenery of this city.

2. Seattle

You might be wondering why Seattle is considered one of the green cities in the US. We all know it is in a big city, but in fact, Seattle is the eco-friendly city as a travel destination. First, you can see from its transportation system. Seattle has a high biking and walking rate among the cities. Then, the government has a great system for garbage recycle too. Last but not least, their electricity utility is free from carbon.

3. Boston

If you are dreaming of the real green city, Boston is one of the answers. Here you can see the friendly nightlife, museums, and cultural scenes. Most of the tourism sites say that Boston is an eco-friendly place. The commuter line has a good connection system. It makes everybody loves to take public transportation. Thus, the air is as least saved from pollution. Also, Boston is a good sample of a city using less paper for anything.

4. New York

It sounds crazy to recommend New York as the green city in the US. Okay, we accept that this city has a number of skyscraper buildings, but it doesn’t mean there is no green space. Central Park in the middle of the city is one of popular parks in the world. Local people use to spend their day around there. And one thing you should know, most NY people don’t have a car. Thus, NY could be said as a green city in the US.

5. Denver

Have a hiking moment in the US by visiting Denver. This city is the largest eco-park system, so you can see many green sceneries there. If you really want to visit Denver, don’t forget to add the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to your list. The land and air feel so clean, then it becomes the place for working people with a green environment.

Those five green cities in the US are the best recommendation for you. As time goes by people now realize that keeping the environment is important. So, it would not be that hard finding the green space. Even though it still feels so rare.

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