5 Hidden Charms to Visit in Bali You Won’t Find In Any Guidebook


Bali’s growing popularity makes the area of Kuta and its surroundings now increasingly congested. As if there was no more room to breathe or to calm the mind. Therefore, there are many hidden charms to visit in Bali as an alternative tourist destination.

5 Hidden Charms to Visit in Bali You Won’t Find In Any Guidebook

Now Bali has become into a metropolitan giant. Surely, this is no longer suitable for those of you who like a quiet tourist attraction. There are 5 hidden charms to visit in Bali you will love:

1. The Ceningan Island

Nusa Ceningan Bali is part of a group of islands in Nusa Penida. The main attraction of this small island is its natural beauty. By utilizing the natural beauty, there are many tourist attractions here.

There is a secret beach of Ceningan that has clean, fine white sand. Moreover, there is also the Blue Lagoon which is a beach located in a small bay. You can do extreme activities by jumping off the cliff at Mahana Points.

2. Munduk

This village is famous as a village in the clouds. Munduk Singaraja Village is a village that must be visited because of its beauty. In this village, there are coffee, tea, and clove plantations. If you come here at harvest season, you will see many people here harvesting the produce of the garden.

Moreover, you can see the beautiful Melanting Waterfall here. Besides that, you can also see Tamblingan Lake. This village is located in Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. From ten center of Denpasar, you can take 2 hours drive.

3. Perasi Beach

Local people call it Perasi Bali Beach; meanwhile, foreign tourists are more familiar with Virgin Beach Karangasem. This beach is still virgin, beautiful, calm, quiet, and clean. However, it is not easy to reach this beach. Therefore, this beach is one of the hidden charms to visit in Bali.

If you come here when the weather is sunny, you will see clear blue seawater. Of course, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. This beach is also available sun deck for sunbathing. Each beach visitor will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 10.000 per person.

4. Sidemen

This location is the name of a district in Karangasem Regency. Sidemen is famous for the center of making wine, which is a typical Balinese drink from distillation form, tuak. This place is also famous for its woven fabric, songket. Songket is sold at high prices because it has its own characteristics.

Moreover, this place has cool air because it is in the highlands. Serenity and thick rural atmosphere make tourists like to stay here. In fact, some also provide training and meditation practice here.

5. Amed

Traveling to Amed is an option to cool off, away from the hustle and bustle of Bali. This place has several calm beaches for swimming and snorkeling. Moreover, it has many diving spots and safe for beginners’ divers though.

If you just want to spend a day on the beach, this place has a lot of interesting beaches for you to relax. By traveling to this place, you can find many interesting places for your photography objects. The majestic Mount Agung soaring high was clearly visible from here.

Going to these places is certainly very pleasant and makes the mind relax. You have to go to hidden charms to visit in Bali someday. This is because, in a few years, this place may also be very crowded. So, these places are no longer hidden tourists paradise.

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