How to Train A Cat to Not Bite, You must Try


Cats are cute furry animals that are very lovable to have as pets. Other than dogs, cat is also a human’s best friend because they are very playful. They love to play around with string, balls and other kinds of toys. Despite of being cute, many cats bite and scratch which makes some people afraid. If your cat is like this, then you must learn how to train a cat to not bite.

There are some reasons why cats like biting, such as they are afraid, or they think it is food. By knowing the reason, they bite, people can prevent them. However, if you can’t find the root cause, try to train them not to bite. These steps on how to train a cat to not bite is simple but will need owners to be patient.  

1. Give Same Response

When a cat bite, give them a response telling them they did something wrong. You can give them response by gesture or anything that is easy for your cat to understand. Make sure that you give them the same response every time they bite. This will tell them they that did something wrong. This also applies to the people in the house. They must give the same response to the cat; therefore, the cat can realize it slowly.

2.     Give them Toys

Teach them that humans hands are not toys, also give them toys as a change. People must also be aware that cats like to bite and at the same time like to play. Therefore, to let them play give them toys like balls, strings, or chewy toys. With these toys, cats can play however they like, whether they kick or bite them. It is still safe and won’t hurt anyone. So, cats need to know the difference between human’s hand and toys.

3. Stop they Play

If your cat reacts too much after playing and with the toy, then it is time to stop the play. If they bite you, act calm and turn your back on them. This will show that you don’t want to play around anymore. Try not to react to any of its action and stay quiet for at least 2 minutes. When the cats come calm, then you can start playing again. This is a basic on how to train a cat to not bite.

4. Search for the Root Cause

Cats usually bite for a reason, therefore try to find out why they bite. Most cat’s bites because they feel in danger. Or in the other situation, they feel like playing around. If this is one of the cause, then owners must be able to adjust the condition. Owners must show when it is playing time or make the cats more comfortable.

5. Ask advice to your Vet

If you already try all these steps, and your cats keep biting then it is best to bring your cat to the vet. May be there is something with the cat that we can’t see and know. The vet will usually help by checking out the cat first. And will give advice on how to prevent the cat from biting.

They key in how to train a cat to not bite is patient and time. Especially if they are small kittens, it will need more time. So, make sure you are also discipline in applying these rules to your cat. If the owners are discipline, the cat will also follow. Try these steps out, slowly but sure your cat will change.

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