The Longest Wars In History You Might Never Know

Humans are living creatures that can’t live without other humans. Despite needing one another, there are times when wars happen because of different purposes. In the past, wars happened for many reasons such as religion, territory and political needs. Some of the wars were quick, but some last for hundreds of years and become the longest wars in history.

The Longest Wars In History You Might Never Know

Technology in the old days was not as advanced as today, therefore winning a war was just not easy. Therefore, many wars last longs before it ended. Here are some of the longest wars in history that you might not know:

1. Iberian Religious War

Iberian war or also popular as the Reconquista happened in 711-1492, was the longest wars in history. This took 781 years until the war ended. The war happened between the Christian kingdoms and the Muslim Moors fighting over the Peninsula. In 711, the Muslim moors went to Europe to establish new territories anywhere that is possible.

However, the Christian Kingdom defeated them from coming and this is when the war began. The force was marked in 718 and continued for centuries. The war finally ended after the marriage of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492. Despite the long war, they succeed in uniting.

2. Arauco War

This long war that happened in the past is the Arauco war. The war last for 282 years, starting from 1536-1818. The main purpose of the war was to dominate South America by removing the Mapuche people there. However, in the middle of their effort, the Mapuche refused them and attacked some of the Spanish. Despite a sudden, the Spanish were ready with more advanced weapons making them kill more Mapuche.

Since this incident, battles continued between the Mapuche and the Spanish until years after. However, during this war, the Spanish were defeated by the Chilean making an end to the Arauco war. The Mapuche their self didn’t win the war, because, in the end, they were kicked out.

3.  Dutch-Scilly War

The war consists of the Dutch, the Royalists and the Parliamentarians in 1651. It all started after the Dutch decided to side with the Parliamentarians. The Royalist took this decision as a betrayal; therefore, they punished the Dutch by shipping away their vessels.

This incident then started other wars between each population. In the end, the Royalists surrendered to the Parliamentarians. However, people don’t know how the war ended. But in 1986 a local historian made a treaty with the Dutch Ambassador which marked the end of the war.

4. Karen Conflict

Karen conflict is a civil war that started in 1949 and is still going on until today. The Karen population in Myanmar are fighting to separate their self from Myanmar. Despite getting a result, the war is causing casualties and many Karen population move to other countries. Overall, it has been 67 years since the conflict has started.

The longest wars in history were brutal and horrific. Many people died and were sacrificed by the war. Hopefully, there are no more wars in the future, so people can live in peace.

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