Choosing Perfect Laptop For Programming, Here Are The Keys


Some people consider a laptop to be just a luxury and not too valuable. However, not for programmers. Especially a programmer who is just learning. Because many junior programmers are confused about how to choose the perfect laptop. The following are 5 ways to choose the perfect laptop for programming.

Perfect Laptop For Programming

1. Laptop Size

For programmers who travel more frequently, the size of the laptop certainly becomes important. Thus, the size of a perfect laptop for programming suitable for programmers who travel frequently is 13 to 14 inches. The size is quite small.

While for programmers who do not travel often, the size that is suitable for laptop use is 15 inches. Additionally, laptops with 15-inch screens have higher specifications than 13 or 14-inch laptops.

2. Processor

In other words, the processor is the brain of a computer or laptop. So, this tool is a tool that has a very important role for a laptop or computer. One of the functions of the processor in a laptop is to run commands.

The processor has several specifications. Among other things, frequency, number of cores, cache size, and many more. However, this specification does not need a deeper analysis.

For programmers who have a sufficient budget, they can choose a laptop with Core i3 processor facilities. However, for programmers who do not have more budget, can choose a laptop with an Intel Dual Core processor. That will make a perfect laptop for programming.

3. RAM (Random Access Memory)

This tool can affect the laptop one of which is smoothly running the laptop or not the program. Because RAM serves to run applications or programs on a laptop. Thus, the greater the RAM capacity, the smoother the programs run by the laptop.

The standard use of RAM for laptops is RAM with a capacity of 2 GB. However, to complete the perfect laptop for programming, the RAM that is suitable is at least 4 GB or more. Because the programming job is heavy work for the laptop.

4. Harddisk

Hard disk functions to store various kinds of data on a laptop. Because a hard disk is an important computer component and makes a perfect laptop to do programming. Data stored on the hard disk includes project files, application data, software data, and laptop operating systems.

For programming work, it will require a lot of storage space to store the projects that will be done. The perfect laptop has a minimum hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB (1 Terabyte).

5. Operating System

Operating systems on laptops generally have 3 types, Linux, Windows, and OS X. The three systems are the operating systems commonly for programming. However, if you are going to make an application for Apple products, you must use the OS X operating system. So must use a Macbook type laptop.

For game programming, some game engines can be used on all three systems. However, some popular game engines can only be used on Windows or Mac only. Programmers can choose one system that the programmers think is suitable.

Some things can be the basis for programmers to choose the perfect laptop. The programmers can choose several laptops according to their budget. So, it can make a perfect laptop for programming.

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