The Countries With The Best Disaster Control Recovery Plan in The World


Natural disasters are indeed something that happens outside ordinary human constraints. However, as long as humans live side by side with disasters, of course, we begin to realize the importance of efforts to deal with.The Following are the countries with the best disaster control recovery plan in the world.

1. Japanese

Japan is one of the countries that are in the ring of fire with earthquake points spread in almost all regions. However, Japan who realized its position also made efforts to prevent casualties and material damage by making earthquake-resistant building construction standards.

They always revise the regulations on the building and review them periodically. Not just relying on technology, they also equip their citizens with good survival skills so they don’t panic when an earthquake occurs.

In addition, the earthquake early warning system in the State of Sakura is also among the most sophisticated in the world. There are 300 sensors throughout the country, including 80 water sensors that monitor seismic activity 24 hours a day.

This network is very useful for predicting tsunamis. In tsunami-prone locations, safe shelters, tsunami break walls and floodgates are also built so that waves do not enter the land through the river. Japan is the number 1 of the country with the best disaster control recovery plan in the world.

2 United States

This Superpower country is also often hit by disasters, both due to natural factors and due to human activities. Fortunately, disaster management is professional. By establishing a Federal Emergency Management Agency that is task with handling the situation according to its capacity.

To be even more effective, a National Emergency Response Coordination Center, a National Disaster medical system. And City Search and Rescue, also a Mobile Emergency Response Agency were to form to assist them.

During this time, the United States has always given early warnings via alarms and broadcasts if a disaster occurs so that residents have time to save themselves. Residents in disaster-prone areas have equipped themselves with bunkers in homes and other important buildings.

3 New Zealand

New Zealand which is very peaceful cannot be separate from potential disasters. Fortunately, they have a National Crisis Management that is very good at handling disasters. The command center in Wellington, swiftly handled the post-earthquake situation, including large-scale ones.

Unlike other countries that only focus on the safety of their citizens, New Zealand uses a different approach. They built the Beehive Bunker, a bunker that was mean to accommodate government workers.

So that during the disaster they could still work to carry out their duties for the benefit of the citizens or whatever need to be do. They did not want to leave the government paralyzed during the disaster.

This bunker is useful as a center for controlling disaster managemen. Starting from refugee camps for residents, where relevant ministries carry out their duties. As well as a place for distributing information to the media.

Those are some of the countries with the best disaster control recovery plan in the world. This cannot be predictable about the disasters when they come. But the state can minimize the adverse effects caused.

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