The List Of Worst Natural Disaster Ever You Should Know


Every day, there will be disasters on this earth. Disasters that occur can be like earthquakes, landslides, floods, or volcanic eruptions. But of the many disasters that occur, there is the worst natural disaster ever.

Worst natural disaster ever

The worst natural disaster ever took many victims and razed the area to the ground. Many people suffer and go to safer places because disasters are terrible. If you want to know the worst natural disaster of all time, here is a list:

1. Aleppo Earthquake

In fact, Aleppo itself lies on the boundary plate between the Arab plate and the African plate. Therefore, this region is prone to potentially earthquake-moving plate movements.

On 11 October 1138 was the time of this great earthquake. Severe shaking hit the area and caused several buildings to collapse. Residents who save themselves are affected. Thus, nearly 230,000 people died due to this disaster. That is why this earthquake is the worst natural disaster ever.

2. Haiti Quake

An earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 and the magnitude is 7 SR. This earthquake caused the death of 200 thousand people and 1.5 million people lost their homes. Moreover, this earthquake took place at 04.30, centered in Port-au-Prince, the most densely populated city in Haiti.

The earthquake in Haiti was caused by a fault that had never been mapped. Haiti earthquake became a valuable lesson about disaster preparedness, including the strength of building structures. Now, the country applies strict building standards.

3. Indian Ocean Earthquakes and Tsunami

The December 2004 tsunami wave was recorded as the worst natural disaster in modern history. Giant waves occur after an earthquake under the sea. The earthquake lasted up to 10 minutes.

The magnitude of the earthquake at that time reached 9.3 on the Richter scale. Furthermore, this earthquake became the third-largest earthquake in the last 100 years. As a result of the earthquake and tsunami, 230 thousand people died in 14 countries.

4. Gansu Earthquake

The earthquake that struck the Gansu region, China, in 1920, became one of the worst natural disasters that ever hit the region. The 8.6 magnitude earthquake caused the land in Gansu to move up and down.

The mountains seemed to be moving and shaking, causing rocks to fly to hit the housing in Gansu Province. The death toll reached 180 thousand. In addition, 20,000 people died due to cold during the winter in this region.

5. Tangshan Earthquake

This earthquake has a magnitude of 8.3 SR. In the afternoon there are aftershocks that have a magnitude of 7.1 on the SR. This caused many people to die and suffer. In fact, the entire house and infrastructure razed to the ground.

This earthquake was centered directly under the city of Tangshan. Therefore, this disaster is very much casualties. Plus the city has a dense population and when an earthquake occurs, its citizens still sleep in their homes.

That is a review about the worst natural disaster ever. The disaster has made some countries more alert to impending disasters. Therefore, some countries began to have sophisticated technology to minimize the damage that caused many casualties.

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